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Admission & Aid

We want to get to know you through your application, to hear your voice and explore your potential. We hope you get to know yourself better through the application process, too. Whether you decide to apply for the foundation in Diploma in Logistics and Transport, Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport or an Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport, you will have the opportunity to explore courses across the colleges that make up our Institute, crossing disciplines and charting your own unique academic path. We recognize that the application process might seem challenging; selecting the right school is an important decision. Our admission team is available to help you navigate this critical journey and make a choice that will affect your intellectual and creative potential in profound ways.


Move past preconceived ideas about learning in a higher institution. Imagine yourself at an institute where you can chart your own course to develop your interests and passions, no matter what your area of study is. We’re looking for self-motivated students who are intellectually curious and ready to question the status quo in a rigorous academic and creative environment.